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Amma Charitable Trust - Orphanage


Orphanage for discorded/unwanted children, for whom food,clothing,shelter,medical and educational requirements are provided by the trust "Free Of Cost". Scientific, educational, historical and cultural tours are provided to children to widen the emotional, intellectual horizons of the children. Children are encouraged to take part in various programmes conducted either by Government/voluntary organizations. Thousands of the orphans have been brought up in the orphanage and sent into the society to fend for themselves. Now(2017), organization is sheltering nearly 40 children.

Amma Charitable Trust - Orphanage

Old Age Home

Discorded senior citizens are given shelter in the old-age home run by the trust. They are provided food, clothing, shelter and medical facilities "Free Of Cost" and they are warmly treated and emotional support is provided to them as orphanage and old-age home is sheltered in the same compound. They can stay here until their last breathe. Now(2017), organization is sheltering nearly 25 senior citizens.